Electronics and Communication Engineering....

 Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Some of the laboratories established in the department are:

  1. EDC Laboratory
  2. Digital Electronics Lab
  3. Microprocessors & Micro-controllers Lab
  4. Analog Communication Laboratory
  5. IC & PDC Laboratory
  6. Microwave and Optical Communication
  7. VHDL Laboratory

The Communication laboratory is equipped with sophisticated Digital storage Oscilloscope and 500 MHz spectrum Analyzers. The Microwave laboratory has 6 Klystron Benches and 2 GUNN Benches besides other equipment.
The Department has established its own library with 50 Titles and 200 text and reference books and few journals related to ECE, catering to the needs of undergraduate courses.
Technical Association of ECE looks after the extra curricular activities of the students. It periodically conducts quiz programmes, seminars, group discussions etc. for students to further their professional interest and to explore them to the latest technological advances to enhance interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
The progress of department is geared up to the rapid pace of the development of communication technology. Engaged in the dynamic responsibility of imparting engineering education in a rapidly advancing field, the department spares no efforts in constantly revising its teaching practices, coaching methods and keeping abreast of technological advances in its grand objective of pursuit of excellence.


At ECE, our goal is to teach students how to take practical knowledge and concepts, and apply them to solve real world problems and

Sri S.H.V. Prasada Rao, Professor and Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering having more than 21 years of teaching experience.  
Prof. S.H.V. Prasada Rao obtained his B.Tech (ECE) degree from S.V.H. College of Engg. & Tech., M.Tech (ECE) from JNTU College of Engg. & Tech, Kakinada and pursuing Ph.D from Acharya Nagarjuna University in the area of Antennas
He has published several papers in International Journals and attended various National / International Conferences and workshops. He taught undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses for nearly 18 years. He has guided a large number of undergraduate and nearly 100 projects.
He started his career as a Lecturer in Electronics and Communication Engineering and rose to the position of Professor and then the Head of the Department. 

Name                         :     Prof.S.H.V.PrasadaRao 
Contact No                 :     9248029022,  9440938301.    
EmailID                      :     sidduprasad67@gmail.com                   
DateofBirth                :     15-06-1967       
DepartmentName      :      ECE  
Qualification             :      M.Tech.(Ph.D)   
Experience               :      21Years

Areas of specialization: