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      Mechanical engineering introduces the students to design and model and analyses machines by using the software packages of computer aided designs and computer aided manufacturing system carriers. Opportunities in this Fast Evolving field exist in both private industry and government organizations.
We are also giving more importance on the field of robotics for future emerging trends , in present, past and future mechanical engineering plugs a major roll for ruling the world That why, we are concentrating the projects on the combination of mechanical with electronics , mechanical with electrical and mechanical with computers for future development of the Research orientations in future Mechanical world.
The department strong with most of the faculty members holding PH.D degrees and experience in various field. The all faculty members are well experiences in areas of Design Machine members, Computer aided design, Thermal sciences, Fluid mechanics, Computational fluids dynamics, Finite Elements analysis, Production, Metallurgy and Material sciences , Mechatronics, forgetting better future of students we are concentrating for acquiring the knowledge in Auto cad, Pro-E, Anasys, Nastron, hypermesh, Master CAM & MAT Lab.
Department offer Instructions of graduate level with the aim of providing a sound background in the areas of Mechanical Engineering.
Undergraduate programe:
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering .
The department is well equipped laboraties and operates its own library and linked through a local network. Internet services are available to all students and facultys.
Following are the laboratories in mechanical department:

    The research activists ofthe department includes fundamental research, sponcered and consultancy projects and is carried out with active participation of the students, faculty's and research Engineers.
The research interests of the faculty members encompass a wide gamut out of sub- disciplines of Mechanical Engineering.


Name                       :    G.Vijaya Prakash
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Date of birth            : 23-09-1981
Languages known   : Telugu, English & Hindi.

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